The Middle Man

Whether you are investing in the stock market, buy a condo or court a girl – Filipinos love to have a middle man. Investors call it brokers, condo buyers call them agents and boys who can’t speak to women call them tulay or bridge.

An urgent prayer request, a sin to confess – where do we usually go? The confessional booth where the priest awaits to hear your sin or we go to the pastor/ minister to be prayed for because we feel they have more anointing and power – that their prayers are far more powerful than yours. It has been the way of the world for the longest time.

But the world is changing. The internet has removed the middle man. You can now buy stocks online, buy your plane tickets online, check out a house and go directly to the owner online and a lot of still coward men courts online or starts an online relationship. The world has taken out the middle man. The middle man is costly, more impersonal and indirect. Somewhere along the way- the translation, the profit is lost.

But the way to God has remained the same. I don’t know who invented the middle man when it comes to prayer. Jesus clearly states:

1Timothy 2:5 For there is one God and one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus,

This means we can go straight to God. You have an urgent prayer request – go to God, you have a problem- go to God. He has made a way for you to access Him and it is through His son Jesus Christ. No middle man required.

Now this frees me to do more things.

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