The Love Way


An important rule that I live by:

Spread the love by spreading your network without expecting anything in return.

I call it ROIR – return on investments in relationships.

ROIR never goes wrong. The worst thing that can happen is that he does not reciprocate but he still ends up blessed.

Whenever I meet like-minded people – the automatic thing I do is put them in my network so I could spread them to other people. Let me give you an example.

I met Randell Tiongson 2 years ago. Randell is a financial guru/ finance coach – one of the country’s finest. I then started linking Randell’s blogs and articles to other people. The I met Carlo Ople – internet marketing specialist. Randell and Carlo hits it off in the first meeting and are doing business together. A love relationship ( not the homo thing) was formed and it spreads. Randell then intorduces Carlo to his network and Carlo introduces Randell to his network. Then the love spreads. Now some people in their network goes to church – that is the payoff.

Love is free. Give it away. it won’t hurt. Spread the love!!!