The Law of Attraction


Okay – this is not a TONY ROBBINSish blog or a new age blog.

This is also not a blog on how I was able to marry a beautiful woman

This is how we get to attract people to volunteer in church.

1. VISION – it should be a big vision. People want to matter so your vision has to matter if you want to attract people to serve.

2. LEADER – people have to love the leader or they won’t last. I have seen this happen in some circles. They love the vision, they rallied behind the leader but found out later that the leader is not worth following. They left the team and looked for a new team with the same vision. Are you a leader worth following?

3. TEAM – they have to love the people that they would serve with if you want them to stay. Chemistry is so important. One of the major changes we made with our music ministry was to create 4 bands. The bands would have the same team, practice together and lead the people in worship together and the key to make it happen is that they would learn to like each other.

ps: Got this from Pastor Tim Stevens and mixed it with how we applied it.