The Last Airbender Movie Review


We were forced to watch the Last Airbender because Inception and SALT was sold out when we arrived at the movie theater. Thank God for Citibank we just had to shell out P100 each. Everybody was saying that the movie was not good – it got a really bad review in almost all of the movie review sites but what the heck, we were in the movie might as well watch it.

I have no idea and have never watched AVATAR on the Nickeledoen channel so I had no expectations and point of comparison. Here is my review:

Effects: AWESOME

Acting: Some were lame, some were good.

Script: The script was not well thought of. I think this is where a lot of people got disappointed.

Overall – Thammie and I enjoyed the movie. It is worth watching but you don’t need to watch it 3d.

Now on the spiritual side:

I think almost all movies today shows a lot of spirituality. People are still fascinated with eastern mysticism. From the yin-yang balance, to gods residing in a fish, to emptying your mind and meditating. All unbiblical and very dangerous place to step into. You open yourself to demonic influence when you do that.

Lessons I’ve learned: I love how the uncle of the fire nation prince stood by his boy and guides him. The fire-boy ( forgot his name) is surely going to the path of evil but with an uncle that guides and mentors – it has slowed the process of destruction. We need guides, coaches, mentors in our lives that would point to us our blindspots- the things we don’t see, the weaknesses we cannot control. It is a lot like discipleship. Surrounding yourself with men who will be able to help you in your weakness.

Second, is using your strengths and combining the strengths of others would make a formidable team. Water and Air combined was unstoppable. Imagine combining all elements!!! That is how we must live our life – join forces with people who are better than us, people who makes us stronger. Understanding our limitation, knowing our strengths and  accepting our weaknesses is the key to growth.

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