the last 30 days of the clueless church planter

What if God told me “YOU HAVE 30 DAYS TO LIVE!” How will I live my life? I am taking the 30 day challenge and will blog about the things I will learn as I live out my next 30 days.



Breakfast with Mika. Resolved today to have breakfast with my daughters if possible.


played with Alyanna and Mikaela. Alyanna told me during playtime “DAD are we on a date.” Made me stop and think that I haven’t dated my daughter for quite some time now. Haaay!!!

Mika was just her jolly self, playing by herself.

Thammie had to go to a wive’s lunch for our church so i had to stay home


Finished up my message for our youth service. it is going to be a great service this Friday. Our New Manila campus is growing!!!! Great to be working with some of the best youth workers in the country.


Lunch with my 2 daughters. Haven’t had lunch at home for almost a week. TODAY was a great day to connect with my 2 daughters.


Went up to finish up my message. Played a DVD so children can watch while I work. It was quite hard to do 2 things at the same time. Appreciate my wife for multi tasking.


Put Mika to sleep but she kept on crying. Alyanna requested to sleep on my shoulders while I do some research on the internet for my Sunday’s message

Alyanna was able to sleep at around 315. Put her in bed while I continue to work. At last peace and quiet. Thammie was back also!!! Thank God!


Got ready to leave for church. Prayer meeting!!!


Finished up my message at the office.


Attended prayer meeting. It was powerful!!! I love to pray!


Chatted with some of our friends in church. Glad to see our small group growing. We had around 30 people when we left because I had to date my wife.

Been kinda guilty for not dating her for almost 2 weeks. Church has been loaded this month. Transitions, mergers and growth. Work will always be there. Had to make a deliberate effort to stop working and enjoy my wife.


Late dinner with Thammie. We had a great time talking in the car and over dinner. it gives me such joy that I could share my dreams and plans to my wife who is also my bestfriend. I am a BLESSED man!!! Made a mental note NOT to compromise our DATE night.

Looking at my wife and listening to her talk made me realize how much I LOVE HER.


Back home. Watch Smallville with Thammie because we were not able to catch the Last full show of YES man!

I love this 3 girls that God gave to me!