the heart of the volunteer

– one of the things I love to brag about are our volunteers. They are some of the craziest, godliest people in the world.
– Sunday was one of our biggest Sundays ever! More people means more work for our volunteers. It is just amazing how we don’t even hear or experience complains from our volunteers.
– some of the things they have done has surprised me:


They bought some candies and are giving them away to people who come to church. We have received good feedback from our guests receiving free candies from our ushers. The candies giver were the initiative of our ushers and the church did not even pay for it.

The ushers were not even contented with the candies and started buying bottled waters for people who would uncontrollably cough during our worship services. They would give them FREE bottled waters so they would enjoy their worship.


They surprised us last Sunday by converting our powerpoint to KEYNOTE. It was their own initiative because they want the slides were more effective and efficient. I felt like Steve Jobs preaching. Our tech team are some of the most hardworking people in the world


Saturday practice, studying the songs, 3 hour earlier in church for sound check and then delivered a powerful worship experience! WOW!


Since moving to our new center, we have increased attendance to 40%. How do you handle 60 kids. Get dedicated teachers. You guys rock! You serve beyond what is required of you.

To our volunteers… we appreciate and honor you! You are a blessing!!!