The Harry Potter Question


Im an avid fan of Harry Potter & my Christian friend told me that reading such is a bad thing because it talks about witchcraft. I told her that it doesn’t just talk about witchcraft,  there are also values that you can get from reading it. Is it bad to admire this stuff???

This is the Harry Potter Question. During my time, it was the Heman-Shera question. Or for others it was the Power Rangers question.

Here is my answer. Yes and No.

If you are old enough to know fiction and non-fiction, I think God has given us the common sense to know what is right, wrong, true or not. On the other hand, I wouldn’t allow my kids yet to watch and read harry Potter books because it would be more confusing for them. Also I would encourage them to read other books. I think there are thousands of more helpful books for kids out there.

For the adults, I think reading Harry Potter or watching the movie is not a sin. To say so is overboard. Now to dabble into the occult and witchcraft I think the Scripture is clear – it is sin. So no debate there.

PS: Personally, I haven’t watched or read any Potter books not because it is demonic because I’ve never watched part one so that means I need to plan a whole day of Potter films which I have no time to do so.  Also since I haven’t read the book or watch the movie, I could not really comment in depth on the subject

Parent tip: Look for better book alternative for your kids. I think exposing them to the world of witchcraft and symbols of occultism is not really not wise and not a good stewardship in our part.