The Discipleship Specialist


Confession time: There was a time during our 3rd year that I feel that I had to hire a discipleship specialist who I could turn over the reins of the discipleship ministry of the church. My thinking at that time was that if I could just get this one super talented discipleship pastor – things would turn out great.

BIG MISTAKE! Not the hiring part but the philosophy of having someone be the designated specialist when it comes to discipleship. The reality is every pastor and staff of the church needs to be a disicpleship specialist. Making disciples should be the lifeblood of the church and the main thing every church leader/ member must do. To delegate it to professionals would back fire eventually since a person cannot disciple a whole city.

When it comes to building a culture of discipleship and small group discipleship, every body, every staff has to be involved – starting from the senior pastor.

I may not be the one running the discipleship system of the church ( which is now the job of our discipleship pastor, Jayson) but I own the vision. I do it. I make disciples. I am in