The Dead Cat and our Sin

dead to sin

I heard about a man who saw his dog walking across his lawn with his neighbors dead cat in his mouth. The man was horrified to see that the dog had killed the cat. He was determined to try and not allow his neighbor know about it. So, he took the cat from the dog and proceeded to wash the cat and clean it, brush it’s fur etc.

That night he sneaks over to the neighbors house and places the cat on the back porch. Then sneaks back home feeling good that he won’t be discovered. The next morning, he is going to his car for work when he sees his neighbor visibly shaken. “What’s wrong” he says. The neighbor replies, “It is the strangest thing I ever seen. Fluffy got hit by a car yesterday. We had a funeral service for it in the backyard. But, then we got up this morning to find the hole empty and the cat clean and on the back porch.”

It’s the same thing with us, we are already dead to sin, we can’t put it to life again.

Romans 6:11 11 In the same way, count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus.

Only when you realize that you cannot come under the condemnation of sin will SIN then lose its power. Look to Christ – he is the answer to your sin!!!

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