The Dark Knight needs the Gospel


Just finished reading the Dark Knight Returns. The story revolves around Commissioner Gordon on his last day and the city of Gotham is as bad as ever. Evil still triumphs. Frank Miller depicts how inhumane the city has become. Prostitution, Gang wars and killings were the norm. Batman has been silent for almost twenty years. He was beyond his prime but he wanted one last run.

So the Dark Knight returns to solve the problem of Gotham city. He thought he could but instead of being hailed as a hero, he became the “vigilante” again.

After reading the graphic novel, you can’t help but feel sad because in a way it reflects how our society is. We know there is a problem. We know the problem is way beyond us. The moral, financial and sexual problem of society has defined us. It is as if we have in a way given up in a way to what a few influential people deemed moral or immoral. As the saying goes, If you can’t beat them, join them.

Batman couldn’t handle that fact and his moral fiber tells him to fight back. Fight back using what? He fought back using the same tools that his enemy is using. I think this is where the Dark Knight’s plan failed.

You can’t fight fire with fire. The end result with be a bigger fire. So what should Batman do? Now you might not agree with me but hey this is my blog so just read on:

Here are some principles Batman needs to understand:

1. Man is sinful. No matter how hard you stop sin, SIN spreads unless people are transformed from the inside.

2. External solutions cannot solve an internal problem. Batman tried doing it externally. He did experience a short lived victory since the next day, crime still exists and it evolves through time.

3. Find an internal solution. The only internal solution that I know that has a lasting impact is the gospel found in Scripture. Only through Jesus can people experience life transformation.

4. Batman doesn’t need to start a church to do that. The solution might be slower but if Batman had an encounter with Christ and experienced His transforming grace, He could mentor the Robins and the next BAT MEN. He tried doing it in the Dark Knight graphic novel but he used violence to solve the problem which is problem #2.

5. Transformation happens one person at a time and can be found in one man – Jesus.



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