the curse of Knowledge

Once you have a certain knowledge about something – you keep that knowledge with you. So when you encounter consequences of dumb decisions you have made even when you have prior knowledge about the consequences there is no one to blame but you (nobody, nobody but you)

Example: You attend a financial seminar and you heard that you need to save up and start an emergency fund. Once you hear those words they become new knowledge to you and you keep that information and there is no way you can forget that EMERGENCY FUNDS are important. But let say, you decided not to have an emergency fund and you encountered an emergency. Your wife looks at you and says “I told you so – we heard about this emergency thingy 6 months ago and we did nothing about the knowledge we gained on that seminar.”

So now there is no one to blame but you. The knowledge becomes a curse because you never applied the helpful information. It happens all the time to Christians.

We hear a preaching, we get convicted but we do nothing about the truth we heard. When trouble comes – you look back and say, “If I only applied the truth that I heard this wouldn’t have happened.”

That is why so many people hesitate to go to the doctor because they don’t want to know the truth. It applies to bible lessons that we hear but in reality we can’t hide from the truth.

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