The Christian President


This might be the most controversial blog I have written since it is election and a Christian pastor is running for president. I have nothing against Bro Eddie Villanueva and I have the highest respect for him – so the blog would be very objective.

The question is do we need Christians in public office? Not just a president – but also senators, congressmen, mayors, vice-mayors, governors and barangay captains.


Would it be necessary for Christians to be in public office for God to change the nation?


If we truly believe that God is sovereign then He can use whoever He wants to change a nation.

Look at history – America had 2 Bible-believing solid Christians who won the presidency. Jimmy Carter and George Bush. Carter is said to be one of the worst president and Bush made a lot of bad decisions.

It is like going to a doctor. Do I want Christians to become doctors? YES! But not just any Christian – I want a specialist. If somebody is going to treat me my first qualification is his/her credentials not his faith.

(Again – i am not saying that Bro Eddie has no credentials. Pastoring a church of millions speaks volumes about his leadership) Back to the blog…..

Throughout history also God has used pagan leaders. Churches have experienced growth and national trasnformation even if the ruler was not a Christian.

So what am I trying to say?

1. Let us pray that there would be more Bible believing Christians running for public office. Let us encourage the people in our church to make a difference in the political arena of this nation.

2. Let us not put too much pressure on the Christians to save this nation. Jesus will transform this nation with or without them. Jesus is our Savior. Jesus is the King of kings and the Lord of lords. If we put the burden on Bro Eddie V to change this nation – he might grow old too soon.

3. To the people who are not running for public office – let us be active in the political process. Register, vote, disciple the nation, bring the church into a dying world. Don’t put too much responsibility to the government. They can only do much.

4. Is Bro Eddie Villanueva destined to become the president of the Philippines? Well it is up to our votes to determine if he really is. If not this year – maybe in the future.


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