The Christian President Question


Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement of sort for Bro Eddie. 

Could a Christian President finally solve our problems?

Year 2004 I was in Luneta chanting ” Bro Eddie, bro Eddie!!!” I had a supernatural experience standing backstage looking at the millions of people in Luneta that day. No it wasn’t Bro Eddie will win the elections – it was a call to preach the gospel like never before to a multitude who have never heard of the good news. I knew that if I remain faithful in my call to preach and disciple the nation I would have done my part in building this nation in my own way.

2010 and Bro Eddie is back. He is set to run for president. The only Christian president to run this year. So the question remains: Could a Christian President finally solve our problems? or how different would it be if a Christian president wins this 2010?

Before I continue this blog – I want to hear your opinion about it and I’ll blog later this week.

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