The BOOK OF ELI movie review


For our date night this week, we watched THE BOOK OF ELI starring Denzel Washington who played Eli, the protector of the sole New King James Bible. At first I thought it was the true story of how the KJV was written and protected. i even told Thammie it was a true story. I realized it was not after I saw a car and kfc in the movie. OOOps not a true story but still very inspiring.

I love how they put some bloody action scenes and fights. I love the story. So many lessons we can learn from the movie.

Here are some lessons I took home:

1. Life sucks if you don’t read the Bible.

2. The Bible changes a man whether we like it or not.

3.  Possesing the Word of God won’t mean a thing unless you open it up and read it.

4. We all have a message to deliver to the world.

5. If God calls you to do something – stay on the path.

6. I have the greatest job in the world. The privelege to preach the word week in and week out. To study it and ask God to reveal His words to me. I think everybody whether Christian or not should start reading the Scripture. Be a student of the word.

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