I came from a well to do family. My parents were rich. I WAS NOT!

I had to work for my money. It was a SY FAMILY RULE. Once you graduate – you are on your own financially. If you want to eat out, work for it. You want new clothes – earn it. You want a car – withdraw from your bank account.

I HATED IT! But it pushed me to work. I became a working student. I work after school. We were in the fashion industry. I was selling garments in downtown Manila.

I WAS EARNING! I made my first P100,000 when I was in 2nd year college. My friends have P1000 in the bank. I had 100x more.

I WAS GETTING RICHER :When I graduated I had MONEY. I worked hard for it. I love the thought that I can buy things I wanted. I got obsessed with money. prosperity

MONEY TOOK A HOLD OF ME :A friend approached me one day and told me I could earn big if I invest in his business. He promised a 2% monthly interest. That was big!!! That was extra income for me. I invested. I was living the life and I was earning.

GREED :For 1 1/2 years I was getting more money than my heart can take. GREED became my bestfriend. I was lazy but I was earning till….

I LOST IT ALL: One day i received a call. I was informed that I lost my investments. After 2 years of putting all my money in my friend’s business – it disappeared. GONE! NADA! ZILCH! I invested in a scam.

A BIG MISTAKE! My money gone!

THEN I BECAME RICHER A costly mistake made me richer. It started my journey to financial literacy and spiritual finance.

This week i will have a series of blog on the biblical law of prosperity and would share my journey on how I got the money, lost it all, and regained it back and the lessons learned on the way. Hope you enjoy this blog series.

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