the 90 day challenge

At the start of the year I came across a reading plan that would take you through the whole Bible for 90 days. I felt like this was a great challenge that I need to take. I talked with Pastor Chinkee and Pastor Larry to do it with me. For the longest time – since Grade 5 – I have made it a goal to read the Bible from cover to cover and it has truly revolutionize my life.

For the past 3 years I’ve been trying to change my Bible reading habit and it seems like I always feel that there is something more I need to do. So that is why i took this 90 day challenge.

I am now on my 10th day and it has really revolutionize how I look at the Bible now. I made a commitment not to read any other book for the next 3 months except my Bible (w/c is really more challenging). I would never thought that reading almost 14 chapters a day – that I would gain so many revelation and lessons that I could write hundreds of blogs just to contain the lessons I’ve learned by reading it.

Well – my main point is this. The BIBLE will truly change your life. Whether you read a chapter a day or 30 chapters a day – the main thing is the consistency of reading it, meditating on it and obeying it.

So I want to challenge you – read your Bible and see how God can change your life.

I dare the brave ones to take the 90 day challenge. Here is the 90 day plan– click the link

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