thank you

had a wonderful time Sunday at church.
– one of the best Sundays ever. We celebrated our 1st year of existence and God’s faithfulness
– worship was TOP NOTCH!
– QC youth team led by good friend Pastor King Reyes did a remarkable job in presenting a skit that shows how Jesus fought for us and is still fighting for us.
– love seeing our 4pm packed with people. Lord is doing a great work in the city!!!
– our 6pm was unbelievable as well. Almost full as well. Thank you Jesus
– next year is EXPANSION year. Pray for more space in Greenhills

Allow me to thank the ff:

1. OUR VOLUNTEERS -Our church is run by faithful volunteers. We are volunteer based church. Only me and my lovely administrator are in the payroll. You got to love our volunteers. To our ministry heads – thanks for your leadership and example. You guys are SERVANTS!!!

2. APRIL LEE – our “SO STAFF” volunteer. Thanks for putting our services a notch higher in the excellence category. Love you April

3. OUR TEAM – Chinkee, Larry, Bojo, Jonas, Dane, Sheryn, Edward and Cayjun.
GREENHILLS PASTORS = AWESOMENESS!!!! I couldn’t ask for more from you guys.

4. THAMMIE – my lovely wife. Thanks for being patient and co laboring with me. This year was MAJOR ADJUSTMENT for us but you just ride along as if it was any ordinary day. Thank you for being a great mother to our kids and being a great wife. Thanks for your advice and prayers. You are strong!!! I love you.

5. SMALL GROUP – John and Jean, Rich and Arlyn, Bryan and Vane, Rich and Steph, Nathan and Cresta, Francis and Lingap, Ian and Claire – thanks for the friendship

6. JESUS – thank you for loving me and trusting me.