Team Works


I have to admit something early on as my stint as a church planter and senior pastor that I think every Christian should embrace. You can’t work alone and you need to empower your team.

As much as there is a temptation to micro manage everything that is happening in church you can’t. That is where team comes in.

I thank God for a capable team. A team who picks up what I can’t do. A team who is willing to do the dirty work.Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success. Having great team members that are empowered makes our job easier. Do I always think about the administrative part of the church? No, and I know some of you might question my answer but I trust the team and I oversee the team.

Andy Stanley said it best when he said “Less is More.” Doing less is actually doing more.I focus on what I am called to do best and I empower others to do what they are called to do.

Once the culture is practiced in our team, it flows down our volunteers.
Team means Together Everyone Achieves More!

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