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  • Leadership Podcast: Leaders and Mission with Dr. Jun Escosar

    What does it take for a Christian to be missional? Is it the job of every leader to create a missional culture? Learned tons of lessons interviewing Pastor Jun Escosar, our resident missiologist.

  • Why Serving your Way Up To Leadership is Wrong

    Why Serving your Way Up To Leadership is Wrong

    In this video, I interviewed Pastor Steve Murrell, founder, and president of Every Nation Ministries, on whose view of leadership and service. We went through some of the thoughts he has written in his latest book, Multiplication Challenge: A Strategy to Solve Your Leadership Shortage. Click here to buy the book. I want you to…

  • Spiritual Disciplines of a Leader

    Spiritual Disciplines of a Leader

    Notes from the second episode of the Victory Leadership Podcast: Spiritual disciplines are habits and practices to help you grow in your relationship with God. It is a means of grace. The starting point of spiritual discipline is our righteousness in God through faith and not our good works 1 Timothy 4:8English Standard Version (ESV) 8 for while bodily training is…