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  • Sunday’s Coming

    Sunday’s Coming

    Written by Jun Gomez Last Wednesday evening my wife Sally felt so dizzy and felt some numbness in her tongue. After an hour I decided to take her to the hospital and texted some people to pray for her. At the ER, they gave her something to get rid of her dizziness, checked her BP…

  • How Jesus Transforms

    Here is a touching video of Jun Gomez, a building contractor and one of our victory group leader. Jun was a former drug dependent and was on the verge of quitting on his marriage till he met Christ…. Watch how Jesus transformed him: Build with us, click here

  • Guest blog: Sleeping with the Enemy

    Guest blog: Sleeping with the Enemy

    Everyday I sleep with the enemy. I eat, drink, go out, work and even go to church with my enemy. Before you conclude who it is and wonder if Sally and I are having problems, let me tell you who that enemy is… ME. I’m writing this blog not to destroy my own reputation or…