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  • Dalawang Tulog na Lang

    Dalawang Tulog na Lang

    Two more days to go and we are moving to our new worship center in VMALL. Services at 2pm, 4pm and 6pm.

  • Rediscovering Chruch

    Just finished the book Rediscovering Church by Lynne and Bill Hybels, founders of Willow Creek. Reading through the book was like reliving some of my past experiences with church planting and how we started the church in Greenhills. Learned a lot of lessons while reading through it. Some of the lessons you might learn are:…

  • Sneak Peek of the Music Museum flood last Sunday

    Sneak Peek of the Music Museum flood last Sunday

    We had to cancel our services because of the flood not outside Greenhills but inside Music Museum. This shot is taken after 5 to 10 minutes of waterfalls inside the Music Museum hallway. Floors were really slippery. Good thing the downpour happened between our 1st service and 2nd service or it could have been a…

  • Absent

    Have you ever experienced going church and hear a message that would have been very very helpful for your friend or someone you invited to church who did not show up? How we pray that they could hear the message because it was as if God has revealed His message to the pastor that Sunday…

  • on Susan Boyle, Taylor Swift and the church

    on Susan Boyle, Taylor Swift and the church

    Aside from my wife and daughters and our worship leaders, there are only 2 women that i enjoyed listening to – Boyle and Swift. Boyle won as 2009 top selling album while Swift’s fearless came in 2nd. What made Susan Boyle’s album sell more than Taylor Swift’s album. I think Taylor Swift sang the answer:…