Whether it’s your spouse, your kids, your pastoral staff, your administrators, your small group leaders, your volunteers – all of us need TIME.

T – touch

Touch in the right way at the right time. A pat on the back, a genuine handshake, a bearhug, a squeeze on the shoulder. Touch creates a magic that boost people’s morale.

I – Inspiration

Somebody to show they that what they do is important and meaningful.As a leader you are called to energize the people around you.

M – Motivation

Give them trainings, let them attend seminars, give your wife extra shopping money for doing a great job in the house. Share life changing stories in church. Reward them.

E- Encouragement

Take time to listen to people. Tell them what they are doing right and that you love being with them or working with them. I had a staff who told me she never heard me praise her. I had to remind myself to always spot what they are doing right and praise them for it. Sometimes all they need is encouragement.

So give your TIME to those who need it.

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