Jesus Christ, Superstar

I attended our Wednesday service last week to hear our Wednesday lead pastor Jayson preach and see how the service is doing. For the past 4 Wednesdays we have been averaging almost 200 people – with a lot of unchurched people getting saved every week. Last Wednesday – the rain was so hard that we feared the worst but was suprise to see 150+ people show up.

While Jayson was preaching I was so impressed with how anointed he was and effective in preaching. He then finished his message by asking people who wants to follow Jesus to come forward so he could pray for them. Around 15 people came forward and gave their lives to Jesus.

After the service, one of the guys who came forward approached me and told me, “Pastor Dennis, hindi na ikaw yung bida dito and then points to Jayson.” I politely smiled but inside I was ecstatic and here is why.

Seeing how Pastor Jayson was empowered to preach and lead the Wednesday service gives me more time to focus on small groups and weekend worship services.

Since day one, our pastoral team has been intentional to build a church not on a personality but on Christ. Our goal is to make Jesus famous. More of Jesus and less of me.When the person said I was not the star anymore is in fact true. Pastor Jayson is also not the star. We are mere servants of the Lord – Jesus is the superstar and it will remain that way.

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