sunday rewind on a monday

– busy day yesterday. Thammie had to pack some stuff as she and the kids go to CDO for her annual visit to her hometown. Felt bad not being able to go with them.

– preached on prayer yesterday. Sturggled a bit during the 3pm service and had to adjust my preaching for the 5pm service. I think I drowned the people a bit because of wanting to say so many things about prayer.

– worked on it at the break. I thank my pastoral team for coaching me so I could adjust the preaching.

– worship was again fantastic. Presence of God was there. The worship team we have is one of the best I’ve seen in the world and I am not even exaggerating.

– Pastor Larry wrapped up the message today. Was glad to see Pastor Larry, our kids church pastor, to drop by once in a while.

– excited for the things we are going to discuss with the pastoral team. Exciting things are brewing in Victory Greenhills

– ended the night enjoying a sumptous dinner with Chef Madonna – owner of Madonna’s cuisine – the maker of the best roast beef and pot roast in the Philippines.

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