sunday rewind march 15

– church today was awesome!
– Johann led worship in our New Manila campus and he was GRREAATTT!!!
– Struggled a bit with my message.
– our 3pm service at Music Museum had less people than the usual
– improved my message for 3pm.
– prayer is such a broad topic to preach, so I had to adjust and focus on an aspect in prayer.
– not only is it a hard topic to preach on but it is also hard to pray.
– Prayer has really been a challenge for me especially as a pastor.
– I have to sometimes remind myself that I am praying not because it is my job but because I love Jesus.
– I’ve been lately practicing listening prayer and it has changed my prayer life.
– Prayer is not doing all the talking, it is more of listening.
– Matthew 6:5-8 did challenge me to take prayer seriously.
– Prayer is making secret history with God.
– Imagine how many prayers have shaped the history of the world.
– My wife told me to preach that next time: prayers that changed the world.
– 5pm service was packed.
– the PRAYER rendition of DIng and Abeg got a very strong respond from the crowd.
– If only I could sing that way

– alright I am officially on my dayoff. I’m done with the computer today

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