sunday rewind feb 22

great Sunday today!
– our New Manila campus was HOT! Need to add more AC!!!
– our kids church is GROWING! More volunteers are coming every week.
– Is it the ac? or is it summer?
– our ushers are doing a great job! I love our volunteers!
– Yohann always surprises me with his voice. Worship was good!
– Christian D gave an excellent word on communion and offering
– had to fight off my lack of energy because of some med that I took Saturday night.
– drank coffee before going up to preach.
– 1 life to live series is one of the best series ever!
– hats off to our worship Pastor Arjay! the props, the sounds – this is NEXT LEVEL EXCELLENCE!
– heard of parents of some of our attendees are now regularly attending church. Some are of Buddhist background.
– there was this old guy, not yet save but regularly attends church who would close his ears because music is too loud. He excuses himself if he can’t take it anymore.
– but he keeps coming back!!!!
– a lot of new people in church!
– we are swamped with college students! I am excited for the future of the church
– 3pm service had 60+ kids in our kids center
– 5pm service had 13 kids – we have to do something with our singles crowd. Paging Paul Pajo and Christian D, Jonas and all the single men- step it up a notch bro!
– we do want to see some growth in church.
– we are serious about raising MEN in church. Had to preach hard on LEARNING in the SEASONS of God.
– podcast will be up soon!
– miss Pastor Chinkee and Nove
– hopefully by next year!!! hehe
– ok, tired and sleepy
im out