sunday rewind: baby dedication, Jayson Lo and Daddy-in Law


= today was Father’s day and what a way to start Sunday by officiating  a baby dedication which always reminds me to be a good dad to Alyanna and Mika. First time ever to attend a children’s party with Starbucks Mocha Frappe as my drink. I am starting to like children’s party these days.

– Pastor Jayson preached a powerful message on “MAKING DISCIPLES” His story about Gabbie follwoing him and his mannerisms and even his preaching reminds me of the legacy that I will leave my daughters. For sure the legacy I leave would not be mere financial legacy but of values, character and godliness.

– I am so blessed to have a great team of preachers. Everytime some pastor takes over to preach on a Sunday gives me the much needed break from my usual routine of crafting a sermon for Sunday. It is sort of a breather for me and the great thing about this break is that the preaching from the other pastors of Victory Greenhills are far more powerful. Thanks Jayson for preaching a powerful word.

– I want to honor also all the Victory Group leaders who met up with the people who signed up to join our Victory groups. You guys are the best!

– Ended the day with my father in law who is in town. We ate at Maki Haus in Scout Tobias owned by my good friend and one of our leaders in church Victor Tan. Nothing beats the food of Maki Haus. SARAP!

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