sunday rewind april 19

– awesome God, awesome people, awesome worship
– presence of God was in our midst!!!
– we broke the 600 mark for our 5 pm service. it means we are 90% full. We do have more space for our 3pm service
– Nove was GREAT! I hope every worship leader gets an impartation from her
– KC and April did a great job hosting today! Lovely couple!!!
– The Q YORK are the best Hip Hop Artist in the country!!! Love the song!!
– First time for me to ride a motor. I entered the stage riding one!!! I love this job!
– Was so nervous because of our topic today.
– tried explaining trinity and the Holy Spirit – hope the people understood
– interesting thing happened in our 5pm service – we had 600+ people but only 6 kids in our kids church. We are seeing an influx of young people, singles and young couples in church. I think this are the people God has called us to reach.
– we had a movie night after the service. FIREPROOF is by far the best movie I have seen that depicts how marriage should be. Saw a lot of new faces in church. Hope they keep coming back