Sunday Rewind #5


– woke up early this morning to have my router fix but to no avail.

– went to the gym with Pastor Larry before preparing for church service

– Ganns was pure energy with worship. Presence of God was very evident

– We invited The Philippine All Stars group to perform and for the first time in a long time a dance number gave me the goosebumps. Simply amazing. Filipinos are very talented.

– Pastor Sonny Oaman preached. I considered this Sunday one of my favorite sundays in Greenhills. The preaching literally spoke to me.

coverHere are some of my notes:

1. Ok na ang panakip butas, kaysa sanhi ka ng butas. In English, it is better to be the plug in the hole than be the source of the hole. A lot of people complain of their role in nation building and unity but wherever God places you just do your thing. God’s thing is your thing.

2. Every vision has an opposition. The greater the vision, the greater the opposition.

3. There is no limit to what a person can do as long as he don’t mind who gets the credit.

Wrapped up the night having dinner with Mr Kaysing and the family. Then went to my brother’s place to unwind with some good old NBA ps3 game.