sunday rewind 4th wk of Jan

– worship experience yesterday was awesome.
– there are just some Sundays were you feel like everything was superb and excellent.
– Our New Manila center was once again packed. I love our crowd in New Manila – they were so into church at 10am in the morning.
– they were chanting “more,more” after the last song. I hope every Sunday is the same as yesterday
– Our 4pm service is almost packed! Good thing we are moving our services earlier starting next week – its going to be 3pm and 5pm. This would make room so others could transfer to our 5pm service.
– we would start offering Kids church for both services so bring your kids
– our reserved parking slots has taken our church in Greenhills to a new level of satisfaction for our guests. THERE IS NO MORE PARKING PROBLEM IN GREENHILLS.
– Mayen Cadd led worship with Nove and Melvin. It took me back 10 years ago when they were our worship team in Music Museum.
– i miss the songs “ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE and I’m FREE!
– Mayen was in her element.
– the special number during offering was one of the best so far. Gail and KL – our youth leaders are simple amazing.
– can’t wait for this weekend again.