Sunday Rewind #44

– love what God is doing in the church.

– full service again. Was wondering if people would show up since it was a long weekend.

– kid’s ministry team led worship. Kyla (9), Angel who I think is also 9 years old led the church. Super anointed. Austin on drums was also anointed. Love our kids ministry. Thanks Pastor Larry for shepherding the kids.

– preached on MULTO and had to squeeze my 5 hour material to 40 minutes. Challenging but fun. I have already advanced blog additional info and biblical perspective on spiritual warfare, demons and our authority in Christ. Watch out for it starting tomorrw.

– had to pray for a lot of people after service. Prayed for a family who are being oppressed by demons. Their 3 year old kid and their 12 year old daughter have seen some demons in their new place. They have been sickly for the past year since moving to the new place. We took authority over the spirit of sickness and infirmity. We are believing for God’s protection over their family

– saw new people getting saved also. Never gets old!!! Love to see how God is bringing people from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light.

– ended the day with my parents and siblings. Had dinner at HANOBE. Sarap!