Sunday Rewind #40


– after 3 days of conference and night time moving I am positively tired but worship yesterday at church was awesome.

– I was so afraid nobody would show up for our 3pm service because it really rained hard. Next time I’ll be more specific with my prayer requests – “Lord let it rain but not on a Sunday”.

– our 5pm was packed and we had lots of visitors (foreign and provincial delegates). Pastor Scott Dauma preached a powerful message on Elijah and his bouts with depression and his victory because he hold on to the truth of God’s word.

– Pastor Scott is one of my favorite preachers in the world. He weaves you in the story and he lets the people walk with Elijah. Thanks Pastor Scott.

– our Myanmar delegates sang. A rockstar in Myanmar led the song number and she was amazing. Pastor Mang and Pastor Chinkee showed the crowd some Myanmar-Chinese dance moves.

– Dinner with Pastor Scott and family, Dane and Liz Tokushige and Pastor James and Sean of our church in Japan. Talked about family, marriage, ministry and parenting teens.

– ended the night at a party for our foreign delegates hosted by Ms. Edna Camcam. Maa’m thank you for your generosity and love for the church.