Sunday Rewind #4

– great Sunday. Was on our 3rd day of fasting.
– my body was tested. Had to preach 3x yesterday. All of our services are bigger than the usual
– Our New Manila center was packed in the morning. Currently looking for a morning place in Greenhills to house more people for our Tagalog Service.
– Good thing Larry offered hot soup after morning service. I was feeling cold already.
– Went to Greenhills to adjust my message. In the process of adjusting I fell asleep.
– Met some new people in church prior to our 4pm service. Was glad to see the place almost packed.
– worship was awesome. Lei did a great job leading!!!
– Jonas was on the dot when he exhorted the church on REVELATIONS.
– great time preaching in both services in Music Musuem.
– 6pm was great. Had a 100 more people than the usual. We broke 900 yesterday. Hopefully this keeps up.
– with our growth, we are moving our services an hour earlier starting Febuary. Our afternoon services will be 3 and 5pm. We would start offering Kids Ministry also for our 5pm service.
– Exciting times ahead!!!

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