Sunday Rewind #38

– slow day today for me. Woke up 1030am which was unusual maybe because of the packing and moving of stuff. This coming week we full blast.

– many people are asking where we are moving – YES! Greenhills.

– love the worship today by Johann and the team. Really blessed to have volunteers in church who has step up, created a system for volunteers, tremendous work to keep the music ministry moving and improving.

– Miss Pastor Jayson because he had a tooth surgery.

– Preached on START. God has called us to be starters. Disciples are born to be made.

– Full packed services. Watch out for our midweek service starting July 15 at Teatrino 7pm. We are looking for volunteers.

– ended the night at Las Paellas as we celebrated Rona Capili’s birthday. Love the company and the food.

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