Sunday Rewind #36


today was a special sunday for 3 reasons. Sunday morning I visited Pastor La and the launch of Victory Makati at AIM conference center, 3rd floor. Service was 10am and was so happy to see so many people from Makati come and worship Jesus. I am so happy for Pastor LA and his team – Gavs, King, Pam, Anna, Steve. Awesome team, awesome church. Makes me love Jesus more seeing how he can use young and ordinary men and women to make a difference in the city.

– LA’s preaching hit me hard. He preached about being busy and being distracted using the story of Mary and Martha. I prayed to God that I would not get distracted running the church and forget my relationship with Jesus. Scary thought because you know it is so easy to get distracted.

– Today also is the day I officially got my new car. It was a trade between my reliable VIOS to a Fortuner. What a trade. I know it is a steal it is like Kobe for Nate Robinson.

– we had our student takeover sunday at Victory Greenhills. The young people literally took over the church. Our worship was out of the ballpark. The intensity and the passion was contagious. Brought me back to my youth days.

– Pastor Bojo did a wonderful job preaching the WORD. It was WORD UP!

– Gabbie and Pau’s testimony of how God changed and used them was the clincher. Their story can be compared to Ron Artest’s follow up buzzer beater. It can;t get better than that. ( and no I am not a Laker fan – bEAT LA!)

– had a full service today. Should be our highest attendance ever. Our 5pm was 20 people short of being packed.

– We ended the service by asking the 23 years old and below to stand and I think this blew me away. Close to 50% of our church stood up to be prayed for. We literally have a very young church – something that we prayed that God will bring to our church. God is so good. I am still on a high!

– ended the night with a planning meeting with our college ministry team. Excited with the new developments and new leadership that will take our college ministry in Trinity University to new heights. Also dropped by Icar’s despedida karaoke party tonight. Sad to see a dedicated volunteer leave the church but happy that God has promoted her as she works abroad. Icar, will miss you. Thank you for loving Jesus and his church.

pics of today’s service coming up this week. Bi, pa post naman sa FB!

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