Sunday Rewind 34

Full day today

– attended a baby dedication this morning at Crowne Plaza. I love how parents decide to dedicate their kids and their parenting to God.

– checked out Victory Ortigas and am still amazed how people would line up to enter church.

– went to Greenhills to finalize and review my message. Pastor Jayson was in the office meeting with some key leaders. Something is brewing in Greenhills. Will announce once weve finalized the details.

– had to drink Cobra before preaching to pump me up more. Really excited to preach the word.

– this I PRAY series is getting more and more exciting.

– we had our first trial of our touch screen keynote. Got some major laughs out of it.

– had dinner with siblings and church friends at Everything at Steak.

– capped the night off watching Shrek. Movie review tomorrow.

– had a great skype conversation with Alyanna and Thammie. Miss them so much

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