Sunday Rewind #31


– had a great time yesterday in church
– worship time was once again amazing. God’s presence was there.
– I just want to thank our creative team for designing the stage. I was surprised to see such excellent workmanship.
– during worship – got a word from God about fully trusting Him. Reminded me of the exercise we did among our Victory Group leaders called the trust fall where we climb up and fall on our backs trusting that the team would catch the falling person.

– preached on the mustard seed principle – SMALL is BIG in the kingdom of God.

– saw a lot of new people in our 5pm service which is almost full. Really thinking of opening a 7pm service soon.

– ended the night with dinner at GREENS in Tomas Morato with Pastor Larry, Yet, Tin and Raymond. Thanks for the treat!

PS: Let’s continue to pray for Kayla Tan, Pastor Chinkee’s daughter who is still confined in the hospital.