Sunday Rewind #27

– preached at Victory Malate this morning. Was surprised to see a lot of people skipping Pacquiao’s fight. Either Malate people are not boxing fans or Clottey is such an easy opponent that you don’t need to waste your time watching it.

– I preached on authentic community. i am glad to be part of one. Victory family has been a spiritual family for me since I was 13. Wow – 17 years in this church.

– Got to Greenhills at exactly 3pm. Worship was out of this world again. Johann and the team are improving in such an increasing rate. I love our worship team. One of the best! Sally was Mommy Rocker!!!

– Joseph preached a powerful word on grace. Watch out for the podcast this week at our church site.

– Joseph’s preaching was life changing and hit the mark. We have to rely on the grace of God. Saved by grace, live by grace!

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