Sunday Rewind #26

– had to wake up early because my 2 daughters were so noisy and asking me to wake up and eat with them. Anyway – after exerting the will to get out of bed we had an 8am breakfast.

– got to church early also since Thammie is singing so had time to do my last minute review of the message, did some tweaking and surprisingly fell asleep in the process.

– worship was awesome. It was one the loudest worship in the past 2 years. Charles and the team were simply amazing.

– shared a word on thy kingdom come and prayed for the people who were sick. Lot of sick (literally) people in church.

– We ended our 3rd week of God and Gov’t and preached on how we can take ownership. We can’t keep passing the responsibility to the government. We need to take some of it.

– dinner with Carlo and Mich after church. Glad to have friends you can unwind with.

– had late banana – soya snacks with the kids when we got home.