Sunday Rewind #25

– busy day today.

– dedicated Chilyn’s daughter Sovi this morning at Choi Garden ( one of the best Chinese restaurants ever)

– back in Greenhills by 2pm to review and pray before the service. Usual routine I do every Sunday. Last minute review of the message and pray.

– Pastor Jayson and Kaths have a new baby. Kaths gave birth yesterday.

– Pastor Chinkee is in Bacolod ministering to our Victory Bacolod church. One of the best cities.

– Lyka and Bu really in love. Happy to see both of them in office today.

– Heard that Randell preached a great message in a church in Bacolod. Could Randell be called by God to enter full time ministry? Hmmmm…. will see

– preached on civil government. Hard topic but I hope it went through the hearts of the people

– preached on why civil government can’t handle all of societies problems. Watch out for our podcast this week.

– Thammie led worship. Blessed to have a worshipful wife.

– Dinner with Richmond and Steph – had a nice chit chat to end our day.

– tomorrow we celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary without the kids. Excited to spend 2 days with my wife. No kids.Mwahaha!

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