Sunday Rewind #24


– miss church today because I officiated the wedding of our good friend Richmond and Vanessa Sio.
– Brian and Vanessa were a couple for 12 years. WOW! finally Richmond finally decided to move to the next level.
– i enjoy doing weddings of my friends. It is really an honor for a pastor to be part of the most imprtant day of their life.
– some things I am always reminded of everytime I officiate.

1. Don’t just invest on the wedding day – invest on your marriage.
2. A christian marriage is where Christ is glorified and his unconditional love is preached and lived out.
3. When desires are turned into expectations the dynamic of the relationship changes. Marriage becomes a debt-debtor relationship.
4. With God’s unconditional love – it frees me to love but it does not free me from the biblical responsibilities.
5. I love my wife more than ever.

Side: I heard that worship in Greenhills was great. There were more people than expected. Maybe because they know I won’t be there. Pastor Chinkee also preached a powerful message about God and Government. I’ll be back in the pulpit next week!!

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