Sunday Rewind #22

– today was our annual volunteer’s Sunday where we challenge present volunteers to renew and encourage the others to volunteer and take part of what God is doing in His church.

– church has really grown thus the need to double our volunteer base. We will be processing the commitment cards and will update of the number of new volunteers for this year.

– the worship was over the top. I love seeing Charles autista on lead today. We need more godly men leading worship.

– KL, Nove, Thammie and Wayne were excellent also. KL reminds me of a young Nove ( not that Nove is old, its just KL is younger)

– the worship band was in the zone. The worship expressions of Minco, Josh and Aaron were contagious.

– Encouraged the church to be outsider focused rather than insider focused. We need to reach the world. It is a big world out there.

– dinner with family at COCO Asian at Promenade. The food was super delicious. You have to try the seafood kare-kare. Sarap ng bagooong!

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