Sunday Rewind #21


– today was NO SHOW SUNDAY

– for the first time in history we ask all our volunteers just to enjoy the service. No ushers, no tech people, no musicians, no kids church teachers. We honored our volunteers and communicated that church is not a one man show or the pastor’s show but what makes church a church is God’s people who are willing volunteers to serve in His kingdom.

– Gavienne and Ryan Laxamana led worship. Amazed at the anointing on Gavienne as she led worship with just a guitar. No fanfare – just pure worship.

– We dedicated our service to Dondon Roque – one of our faithful volunteers who passed away last friday because of an accidnet.

– We visited Dondon after the service and I was amazed to see around a 100+ people from church crammed in the funeral home. Dondon has really left a lasting legacy. Bro – we will miss you.

– Really happy to be a part of this spiritual family. Victory greenhills – your support, your generosity and your love for God overwhelms me.

– Next week is Volunteer Sunday so pls pray what ministry you would be interested in. For the past year – we have had around 250 volunteers. Our goal this year is to raise our volunteer base to 500 as we are gearing up to add more services this year.

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