Sunday Rewind #19

– another great sunday.

– was early when I saw two of my high school friends eating at flapjacks so i have to go in and catch up with them. I was fasting whole they were eating hashbrown, beef, fries. Good thing my spirit was strong – not tempted a bit!!!

– Johann led worship. All i can say is I love the energy and the passion. Johann you are the best!

– The band was also awesome. Their enrgy is contagious.

– Preached on wisdom. Enjoyed the preaching myself. You can’t buy wisdom.

– The fear of the Lord is wisdom.

– 3rd day of the fast and going strong. 4th day here I come.

– also the 10th day of my 90 day challenge to finish the bible in 3 months

– enjoyed Numbers but not at much as Genesis and Exodus.

– plenty of revelations and lessons when you read 15 chapters a day. Starting to really like the 90 day challenge!!!

– see you tomorrow at our Victory Center in Promenade – 6pm and 7pm for prayer meeting. Pastor Gio will share a word about missions. Really planning to help Pastor Gio in his church plant in HongKong and Macau.

– Hopefully we could send a short term missions team to HK-Macau.