Sunday Rewind #15

– church was almost full today compared to last week’s nov 1 attendance.

– had a great time worshipping Jesus today. The worship team was on target. My wife was amazingly beautiful.

– it’s Ethel’s birthday today and really glad to have her on the team.

– Randell’s tithes message was awesome. Made me realize that the time I got saved my wallet was saved last.

– It was Pastor Tito’s debut preaching at Greenhills. For the past 10 months he has been building our pastoral care ministry and it is his first time in 10 months to preach.

– it was vintage classic preaching on worship. Heard some feedbacks from friends who really loved it.

– Tito made a call and around 15 people got saved today.

– While Tito was preaching had a word about creating a place of worship. Since God is spirit and we worship in Spirit it means we can worship anywhere. Just love the fact that when I am playing with my kids or dating my wife – it could be considered worship before God as long as my heart is right on.

– had a chance to talk to a very young couple who is currently in seminary and pastoring a church. My heart always jumps when I get to see and hear the experiences of young church planters like me. Really felt the need to create a network of young church planters and pastors.

– Had a great dinner with Carlo and Mich, Bu and Lyka. Happy Birthday Mich!

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