Sunday Rewind #11

– had a great time today in church

– glad to see so many new faces. Excited for the growth that is happening in our church.

– we have broke the 1200+ mark consistently.

– we are currently on a season of discipling the new people in church.

– I still believe that small group is the next step for anyone attending our church on a Sunday.

– Johann and the team led us to the presence of God.

– the music quality today was awesome. i definitely missed April. Glad to see you back in Tech April!

– our volunteers are awesome. Very dedicated and passionate people

– Pastor Jayson introduced a series on the biblical principles of prosperity for our tithes and offering exhortation. Excited to hear the 2 minuter exhortation for the next few weeks

– David is simply one of the most anointed and excellent speaker in the world. I am amazed at how he delivered the message. We were not just blessed but I believe there was a strong impartation for the nation. Victory Greenhills would definitely be a missionary sending, church planting church!

– David’s story inspired a lot of people today. it is amazing how God can use a young person to literally change the world.

– excited for the week 2 of Passion