Sunday Rewind #10

– full day today.
– Sunday has always been my highlight.
– we wrapped up our Victory Weekend this morning, baptizing 50 people. Amazing.
– got to baptize my childhood bestfriend Nick as well after more than 20 long years of knowing him.
– Alyanna saw me baptizing the people and told me that when she grows a little older that she wants to be baptized as well.
– One of the unforgettable picture I saw today was Randell baptizing his daughter Billie. We need more fathers like Randell who spiritually leads his family.
– Worship service was packed! Our kids church facility is barely holding the kids coming to our services. We will be renovating our office next month to give more room for our kids church.
– Johann and the worship gang were awesome. The secret to great worship is to get worshippers leading the people.
– Preached on James 4 today. Another hard hitting message. I hope our church never grows tired of the guidelines that the Bible lays out for God’s people. James is awesome. Obedience is deep.
– excited to have my sabbath tomorrow and would definitely have to get back to my gym routine.
– capped off the night eating at my fav restaurant Little Asia to celebrate Ric Cheng’s birthday.

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