Sunday Reflections

– every Sunday gets more exciting. I officiated my first wedding yesterday and good thing nothing went wrong. I always dread officiating a wedding. I don’t know why but maybe its just the fear that I might mess up the happiest day of a couple’s life if I did something wrong.
– our service at the Music Museum is getting better as each week passes. Pastor Chinkee delivered a powerful message – one of my favorite messages for the year! I realized how important it is for us preachers to really connect and know the culture we are in and intertwine it with what the Scripture is saying. Chinkee crafted his message so well that it made me think how the world’s system has influenced me in a lot of ways.
– Ms. Coney Reyes brought the house down with her testimony. We had 20 people receive the Lord last Sunday. That totals it to around 60+ people giving their lives to Jesus for the past 3 weeks.
– We had our record breaking attendance as well – and what excites me is that the growth is not happening by transfer but by people inviting their lost friends to church. I am seeing new faces every week and it energizes the whole team to give it our 100% best every Sunday
– Next Sunday would be totally out of this world service and we are cooking up something BIG! Hope it works!!!!