Sunday Night Wrap

great and awesome service today
– was in Greenhills early to look for a good running shoes. I have been running with Muscleman Alden every Tuesday 5am at Greenhills. Larry and some youth are joining us this Tuesday.
– couldn’t find one, will look for one tomorrow.
– we finally had our new banners and posters. It looks great.Kudos to Larry
– worship rocked! Jonas and the team were in their element. God was there!!!
– had communion today. it is always good to be reminded of the power of the cross.
– attendance was great today as well. We opened the balcony area already in our 4pm service.
– Pastor Michael “Missions” Paderes was engaging and inspiring
– was challenged to think missional and LIVE IT! more of that in my Sunday’s preaching next week
– i really appreciate being part of a church who thinks multi racial. Every nation in our Generation.
– hope Greenhills contributes to heaven’s population
– love my wife and my kids.