sunday night wrap up

Just finished church!!! I love the church!!!!
– We hit our highest attendance today. I thought nobody will show up today since it is Nov 2 w/c means people are out of town. Surprise surprise to see so many people in our 4pm and 6pm service. Praying we could hit the 1000 mark by the end of the year.
– our HOPE series is fantastic!!! I thank God for who HE is.
– next week will be one of the best series… “most downloaded Psalms”. You can’t miss it!
– worship today was LOUD!!! Jonas stop the coffee!!!
– Glad to see our volunteers really stepping it up. God bless you guys!!
– Mr. Pure energy was in the house today! One of the artist that I looked up to. Was glad to see him worship with us!!!!
– met a lot of new people in church today. I can’t wait to see the city changed with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
– Alyanna our daughter was in church today. My prayer is that she would love Jesus as she grows older!!! check out my wife’s blog on how our daughter almost became a Christian
– wrapped the night with our singles at Yoshinoya. Paul Page Man is MR. IDEATION. I can’t hang out too much with him since I am FUTURISTIC!!! Dangerous combination.

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